Why is digital marketing important in 2020?

| September 21, 2020 |

It’s a crucial part of the year as we head towards the Q4. We had so much to endure in the previous three quarters, didn’t we? The coronavirus pandemic, nationwide lockdowns, economic crisis, and whatnot. Still, businesses around the world are not stopping to make profits. Wonder how?

It’s what digital marketing does for you. Contrary to traditional forms of advertising, digital marketing has perfected the marketing approach for businesses and made it ‘THE’ marketing tool of 2020.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  1. 87% of marketers believe promotional videos and storytelling videos have increased traffic to their site in 2020.
  2. 70% of marketers are actively engaging in content marketing in 2020.
  3. 24% of marketers plan to boost investment in content marketing in 2020.
  4. Global eCommerce sales are expected to grow to $4.5 trillion by 2021.

What makes digital marketing a necessity in 2020?

Generates high conversion rates

Digital marketing strategies like SEO, SEM, SMM, and email marketing are conversion-centric. Meaning, you will run them to achieve better conversion rates by optimizing the campaigns for generating more traffic, leads, and sales. Online marketing allows you to run highly-targeted ad campaigns, increasing your chances of getting highly qualified leads, leading to higher conversion rates.

Makes audience engagement easier

Audience engagement is a powerful metric that gives insights into how involved your audience is with your brand. Unlike traditional marketing tactics that give zero insights into how the audience reacts/responds to the advertisement, digital marketing tactics perfectly break down every audience engagement. With the insights, you can make it easier for your audience to interact with your ads and make quicker purchasing decisions.

Build a solid brand reputation

Want to gain the trust of your target audience? Compete for their attention online. Digital marketing hugely depends on the quality of content you produce and publish online. In other words, you will need to focus on the quality of the value you are pushing through your content. The higher the quality and relevance of your content, the more your audience will trust you. It’s the perfect way to build a solid brand reputation.

Implement cost-effective strategies

The best thing about digital marketing is that you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on marketing as you do on traditional mediums. You can build and automate your digital marketing strategies and keep the cash coming. However, we highly recommend hiring digital marketing experts to get the job done for you. Even hiring an agency or team of experts is cost-effective.

Opportunity to diversify customer outreach

Digital marketing is an evolving field i.e. there’s always something new to work and build on. The best thing is you get the opportunity to become an early adopter of a trend or social network as there are always new ones around the corner. You can reach your target audience on so many online channels, it only helps you NOT keep your eggs in one basket. 

Final thoughts

Regardless of your business model, size, and the products/services you have to offer, digital marketing should be your go-to marketing strategy. We believe it’s the best time to jump on the online marketing bandwagon and ride out the current pandemic wave with flying colours. It also is a great opportunity to test your marketing channels and audience, something that will help optimize your campaigns in the coming future. What are your thoughts on that? Let us know in the comments section!