5 social media marketing ideas you should implement today

| September 21, 2020 |

The world of social media marketing is changing very quickly. The incessant developments in technology have helped brands to take great advantage of social media platforms and even make a real impact on society. However, most brands have no clue what they need to do on their social media accounts.

Check out these 5 social media marketing ideas you can implement into your business today!

Create weekly themed content

While you are developing your social media content plan, you should focus on stringing the content based on a weekly theme or a weekly theme-based campaign. Since you will be creating a vast quantity of content, categorizing them into different themes will help you make your timeline more unique. This will also help your target audience anticipate the upcoming content and get more connected with your brand. Don’t forget to couple your weekly themes with branded hashtags.

Focus more on user-generated content

Most of the top brands happen to use user-generated content all throughout the year. They do that in order to make their target audience feel like they own their social media page. One of the best examples is GoPro since most of their posts are pictures and videos captured by GoPro users. You can create user-generated content around special events like product launches, conferences, or local festivals to make your social media page happening.

Leverage Instagram Shopping feature

If you are a brand that wants to sell products on social media, you should definitely use the Instagram shopping feature. It allows brands to tag their products on their Instagram posts and stories. This helps your target audience to know more about the products and even complete their online purchase. However, you will have to create your online store and get it approved by Facebook. This is a great social media marketing idea for eCommerce brands.

Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot

The Facebook messenger chatbot makes use of modern technologies like artificial intelligence to make it easier for you to manage your social media marketing on Facebook. Chatbots will not only help you automate content delivery, but they will also love your target audience to book and confirm their appointments, track their orders, and even use the feature to connect with your support staff. You can even use the Facebook chatbot to conduct customer surveys.

Run regular social media account takeover

One of the modern social media marketing trends is social media account takeover. In this, brands allow their target audience to take over their account and post things that really mean a lot to them. You can allow social media influencers to take over your account and provide value to your target audience. The main concept behind social media account takeover is to use the influences to provide tips and solutions that can help your target audience.

Wrapping up

We hope these social media marketing ideas will help you reignite your social media accounts and make your target audience look forward to your content. These ideas will even help you come up with out of the box content ideas that will set your existing social media marketing strategy on the right path.