Design & Branding

We create first impression that last.

Increasing your brand presence

Creating brands and improving your presence is what we thrive on.

At AB Digital, our team are a group of creatives and innovators who thrive on challenges that every business has in elevating their brand name and presence. We are a passionate and results-driven team who will take on your business like our own.

Designing a brand image

Inspire your marketing campaigns with style.

Taking us on as your digital marketing team means that we will act as partners and your campaign can extend to more then the usual digital marketing strategies. We also inspire your marketing campaign by designing a brand image for you. A brand image that speaks to your company’s ethos and culture, and one that connects your potential customers with you. First impressions matter, that’s why our branding and design team constantly challenge themselves to create and eye popping and attention-grabbing brand image that will stick to people’s minds.

Our services include:

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand creation
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand transformation
  • Marketing collateral

Whether you are a new business looking for a design team, or a business that wants to modify their brand image, we have all the services you need to create the best brand image for you.

Brand strategy

Understanding your brand.

Creating a brand strategy is pertinent in all aspects of brand design. In fact, this is the first thing that needs to be completed in order to start other facets of brand design and marketing. Brands today need both a thorough understanding of why they choose certain strategies and a detailed outline of what their strategies will be. Brand strategy can be hard to define but our team can help and guide you through it. Some questions that needs to be answered when thinking of a brand strategy are:

  • What your brand stands for.
  • What promises your brand makes to customers.
  • What personality your brand conveys through its marketing.

These are the basic questions, however, there are more information that needs to go into a brand strategy. Whatever your queries, our team will help you map out the best brand strategy that will catapult your brand and design marketing campaign.

Brand creation

Stand out from your competitors.

After a brand strategy has been implemented, in which the main aim of your brand design is clear, you can move on to the actual creation of your brand. A successful brand must exemplify your brand values, brand story, and target audience. A brand is an identification of your business. To differentiate you from your competitors, this logo or name must be unique, attention-grabbing and easy to remember. We use innovative and creative methods to create such logo design and visuals.   Since a brand represents how people look at your business, it is important to create a brand that helps customers with their decision making and swerve them to buy your products. That is exactly what we at AB Digital strive to provide you with – a brand name that can take you places with its uniqueness and innovation.

Brand awareness

Make your brand familiar with your audience.

Brand awareness is the process of breeding familiarity with your brand so that customers can quickly connect the brand image, logo and visual identity to your company. Promoting brand awareness is important to all sorts of businesses, especially in marketing an promoting your company. Creating an association of your brand to your company can build trust, respect which can lead to a boost in business. After all, trust is the most important part of garnering sales. And with creating a strong campaign with us at AB Digital around brand awareness you can achieve this and much more.

Brand transformation

Transforming your brand to align with your goals.

Many times, your business may grow in a different direction to what it initially was branded as, and your brand image may be out of place with your current situation. Or maybe your branding simply isn’t up to mark and you want to transform it so you can successfully compete with competitors. or maybe you simply want to keep up with the times? Whatever your reason for wanting to transform your brand, we are here to refresh, reposition, and grow your brand. Contact our team to see how we can help transform your brand.

Marketing collateral

We design all assets from print to digital.

Every company needs to have a brand that they can be associated with. While having a brand name and following can garner trust and increase sales, sometimes you may not get the visibility that you require to really push your campaign. That is when the design aspect of branding comes into play. We use various tools of design to make your brand come alive and be seen by a wide range of people and potential clients.

We have a range of graphic design services available to suit your needs. Our print design and packaging design can get your brand to be visible in a range of places, from brochures to business cards to flyers and posters. In addition, we can display your brand logo on signages and stationery as well. We also create infographics, animations, and videos that can boost your brand image. The list below will give you a better idea on what marketing collateral we can offer you:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • Email signatures
  • E-Books
  • Landing pages
  • Email design
  • POS displays
  • Banners
  • Identity packages
  • Business cards
  • Folders
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Animations

All of these interactive marketing tools can be what your company needs to boost sales and create a strong and loyal customer base. Displaying your brand name on various platforms such as this will also help strengthen your brand awareness and increase popularity. With this, there can be exponential organic growth in your customer base.