Social Media Marketing

Expand your social media presence

The power of social media marketing

It is growing and we need to take part.

With the internet at the tip of our fingers, social media has changed the way we interact. With more than 3 billion people worldwide using social media, it has become more than just a way to communicate with people and post vacation photos.

What do we offer?

We can manage your social media profiles as well as run your campaigns.

Social media has changed the marketing industry. Used to its potential, social media is an incredibly powerful advertising tool. It is more than just likes – social media campaigns that are done right garner a widespread following and clientele, boosting business growth in real life. At AB Digital we take your social media ads and campaigns to the next level with careful targeting and social media savvy content.

Our full range of Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Social Media Consulting
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Community Engagement
  • Content Provision
  • Target Audience Research
  • Analytics & Insights

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the biggest social network today and you need to be a part of it.

Facebook is the most widespread social network today. With 2.5 Billion users, the potential of advertising on Facebook is limitless. With our expert social media team, we aim to harness the incredible reach and visibility that Facebook provides to generate quality leads. Facebook’s targeted advertising can specifically spot your target audience and increase your visibility to those who might be potential customers.

Facebook may sometimes seem like a huge platform and you may be scared that your advertisements or company page may get lost within all of it. This is a concern, but our team of creatives and tech enthusiasts know how to work the game. We create fun, eye-catching and informative Facebook advertisements that do more than just make you seen. Our advertisements could bring you an average of 450% ROI, spinning qualified leads into paying customers. In addition, we constantly keep up with changing trends in your business and in the market, always on top of your competitors. For a game-changing Facebook advertising campaign, contact us and we’d love to take on the challenge.

Instagram Marketing

Put your business in front of 500 million active users.

Instagram is another social media platform that can generate a lot of audiences and future customers. With 500 million active users, Instagram has tapped on to the perfect model of aesthetics and content. There are many examples of how Instagram can propel products, companies, and people to fame and wide outreach. With Instagram’s targeted advertising, this reach can be even greater. In addition, building an aesthetically pleasing feed that catches the eyes at first glance is pertinent to Instagram’s success. Contact us and see how we can help build your Instagram feed and grow your business.

LinkedIn Marketing

Connect with professionals within your industry.

LinkedIn Ads is another great platform to advertise your company in. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional website, which means that ads can potentially engage a community of professionals seeking your products or drive actions relevant to boosting your business. Advertising on LinkedIn will boost your brand name, generate leads, and create sales. There is a range of LinkedIn marketing tools available to use – and our team will pinpoint what’s best for you and use these to make it the most efficient campaign for your company.